To begin with, I’d like to apologize for the long lack of updates- I’ve been working on a number of things these past few months, but unfortunately have neglected to keep everyone updated. I thank you so much to everyone for being patient with me.
First and foremost, School of World has a new site. Moving the archives over to the new site has been a bit of a project; there are over a thousand strips in our archives- I’ve been working on this comic with Megan for over 6 years!
On a related note, there is a new School of World book coming out soon, How To Shipping, which covers Teenager and Fargo’s date arc. The books have just shipped, hopefully I’ll be getting them in soon.
I also have another original comic about witches called Hawthorn & Snapdragon! More on that in a bit.
Lastly, I also have a number of new items up in my etsy store- they are available here.
Thank you so much for being patient with me; I hope to be able to start updating Witchery etc. again soon!